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In principle, tender documents and contractual documents refer to the same set of documents. However, the main difference is that the first is the appropriate title for the document before the contract is signed and is used to select a suitable contractor to carry out the work. The latter is the appropriate title for documents after the contract is signed and is used to carry out the work. In other words, before the contract is awarded, the documents issued are called tender documents, and after the contract is awarded, the documents issued become contractual documents. If you agree with me, indicate and if you disagree, let us have your opinion. Thank you very much. In the context of a tendering procedure, prices are presented by the contractors as part of a sealed tender. The entrepreneur with the lowest price is called L1 and other L2, L3 for the highest prices. What product can be used in the preparation of tenders for the call for documents of an article What are the differences between tender documents and tender documents? Tendering for a contract is a formal process. As a rule, a call for tenders is prepared by the organization looking for services. The call for tenders is an official document that describes the services required by the organization, the objectives of the project and the experience that the service provider needs.

The organization usually has an offer and schedule in mind for the services it wants, but doesn`t share it with the contractors who can hire them. Instead, contractors are asked to determine the price and timing of services. An offer is a written offer to the contractors to perform the specific work or deliver certain materials within a specified time frame and in accordance with the terms and agreements between the contractor and the owner, service or party. Wirral Council sources goods, works and services from a variety of suppliers and service providers. This can range from small one-off purchases to multi-million pound service contracts. When tendering and awarding contracts for goods, services or works, we are legally obliged to comply with the requirements of EU public procurement rules. These stipulate that contracts whose value exceeds certain amounts (see below) must be publicly exposed to competition within the European Union. The difference is that tender documents are offered to as many contractors as possible in order to obtain the lowest bids for the specified work, while contract documents are only signed with the contractor with the lowest bid or prices. The LOA documents contain all the documents contained in the tender documents as well as the revised rates indicated by the contractor.

However, the tender documents do not constitute the acceptance of the contractor who completes the work in accordance with the conditions set out therein. However, if a contractual document, i.e. LOA, is agreed and signed by both parties, the Contractor must complete the work according to those specified in the document and according to the terms of the document. A call for tenders is a call for tenders for a project or to accept a formal tender such as a public tender offer .B. Tenders generally refer to the process by which governments and financial institutions bid for bids for major projects that must be submitted within a limited time frame. The term also refers to the process by which shareholders submit their shares or securities in response to a tender offer. A takeover bid is a public invitation to all shareholders to offer their shares for sale at a certain price at a certain time. To incentivize shareholders to release a certain number of shares, the offer generally exceeds the current market value of the shares. In the United States, takeover bids are rigorously scrutinized and subject to extensive regulation. Where works, supply and service contracts exceed a certain threshold, local authorities and other public bodies must publish their information in that publication and launch a call for expressions of interest.

Thank you Gopal for your clarification. The contractor`s final price is based on the tender documents, so we can include the tender document in LOA otherwise, why. The documents provided to the contractor during the tender phase may also be mentioned in LOA as a contractual document. Once all the bids for the contract are in place, the organization selects the bid that it believes to be the best bid. The organization notifies the contractor of the successful bid, as well as those whose bids were rejected. The formal contract documents are created to ensure that the contractor will perform the work specified in their bid. The term offer refers to a formal invitation to negotiate according to the terms of the offer and the documents relating to that offer. A contract is usually a legally binding agreement between the parties in which an offer, acceptance and consideration have been made.


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