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Usufruct rights are also used to make a transfer of residence for life to the children and to reserve a right of usufruct for the parents to stay in the house. This allows parents to stay in the house for their lifetime, with the house automatically passed on to the children in the event of death without inheritance. However, this technique has significant drawbacks and is generally not recommended. Usufruct is usually granted for a limited period of time. It may be granted to the usufruct or the person holding a right of usufruct to take care of the property until the death of an owner, and the property may be settled if the owner is in poor health. Although the usufructuary has the right to use the property, he cannot damage, destroy or dispose of it. A usufructuary does not have full ownership of the property because he does not enjoy the third right of ownership, the abusus, which refers to the right to consume, destroy or transfer ownership of the property to someone else. Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1789: « The land belongs – according to the principle of usufruct – to the living. » Jefferson`s metaphor means that people, like a usufructuary, have the right to use the land for their own benefit and to profit from it. Jefferson`s use of the word « living » is crucial here: he meant that the world`s usufructuaries are those who are alive, not past generations who have died. This idea would profoundly influence Jefferson throughout his life and lead him to recognize that the U.S. Constitution would be revised by future generations, and this is partly why the Constitution contains a provision for his own amendment. [7] Suppose, for example, that Michelle Hillary leaves a property for life, while the rest passes to Biden upon Hillary`s death.

Under this type of deal, Hillary would have a right to the property that ultimately belongs to Biden. Hillary`s right would be a right of usufruct and her right would be called usufruct. Biden would be a naked owner. The usufruct was revived as part of the agricultural change related to cuba`s special period. As a legacy of sanctions and a battered economy, Cuba has accumulated many crumbling buildings that cannot be repaired. These were demolished and the empty plots remained fallow for years until food shortages forced Cuban citizens to use every plot of land. Originally, it was an ad hoc process in which ordinary Cubans took the initiative to grow their own food on every parcel of land available. Ownership, but not ownership, was formalized with a legal framework that used usufruct ownership to give farmers profitable rights over products made from the land, but no ownership rights to the land itself. [14] [15] In France, the right of usufruct applies to successions. Under French law, an inalienable part known as compulsory succession passes and spends for the surviving spouse of the deceased (with shares divided according to the number of children), while the rest of the estate – the free estate – can be freely sold voluntarily by will.

However, the surviving spouse may choose to distribute the forced succession as is, or to convert it into a usufruct contract, or to divide the estate into a distributable part and a usufruct for the lives of the children. If compensation for the usufruct is chosen, a value of the usufruct interest for inheritance tax purposes is fixed to be paid by the surviving spouse on a sliding scale according to his or her age. As long as the land is not damaged or destroyed, a right of usufruct will be granted in several cases or will remain in common ownership. The third civil interest in property is abuse (literally abuse), i.e. the right to sell the object owned, either by possession or damage (for profit) or by transfer to another person (sale, trade or gift). `2. On expiry of the period for which it was established or by fulfilling any condition laid down in the title giving rise to the usufruct; A right of usufruct combines the two property rights of usus and fructus. Usus refers to the right to use something directly without damaging or modifying it, and fructus refers to the right to enjoy the fruits of the property used – that is, to enjoy the property by renting it, selling plants produced by it, increasing the entry into it or similar. The person who enters into a contractual agreement with the owner on this right is called the « usufruct sex ».

Article 1418 of the Civil and Commercial Code provides that a right of usufruct may be created for a certain period or for the duration of the usufruct. A usufruct is registered in the same way as a lease with a maximum duration of 30 years or until the duration of the usufruct. A usufruct is either granted in several cases or maintained in common ownership as long as the property is not damaged or destroyed. The third civil property right is abusus (literal abuse), the right to alienate the thing possessed, either through consumption or destruction (e.B. for profit) or by transfer to someone else (e.B. sale, exchange, gift). Someone who enjoys all three rights has full ownership of them. The usufruct must also keep the property intact and return it in the same situation as it was when the right of usufruct was granted. An interesting feature of usufruct is that the usufruct can conclude a 30-year lease with a third party.

Thus, if the usufructuary signed a 30-year lease before his death, the tenant (tenant) retains the rights of the lease until its expiry. A usufruct, called « Sidhi-kep-kin » in the Thai language, provides temporary property rights for the use and enjoyment of the property, as well as the benefit of being able to reap the benefits of someone else`s property as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way. In many usufruct property systems, such as the traditional ejido system in Mexico, individuals or groups can only acquire the right of ownership of the usufruct, not legal property. [5] A right of usufruct is directly equivalent to a common law succession, except that a right of usufruct may be granted for a period less than the life of the holder (cestui que vie). .

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