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In this case, if Carla`s large medical plan had a deductible of $6,000, the $12,320 her fixed liability insurance paid for her appendix surgery could help pay that deductible, and then a few. It could even help him pay for the maximum expenses of his important medical care for the year. After that, with her large medical plan covering most of her health care expenses, she was able to use all the benefits paid for her fixed compensation plan for anything she wanted. No insurance plan covers everything, and Health ProtectorGuard insurance plans are no different. These plans can be a useful companion for other insurance policies, but just like other types of insurance, they have their own full explanation of what they do and don`t cover what you should know before you buy. The doctor examines her neck and examines her neck for inflammation. She doesn`t like what she sees, so she dabbed Hector`s neck and sent the stamped sample for testing. The result that comes back is what she expected, strep throat. The doctor prescribes a generic antibiotic to fight the infection, which Hector bottles in a nearby pharmacy.

Carla`s $12,320 benefit will certainly be paid. If her care totals only $9,332, she keeps the rest. If her care costs more than the plan pays, she is responsible for the rest. This is what a hospital and doctor do a fixed liability insurance like Health ProtectorGuard – paying you a certain amount after a specific medical service, regardless of the cost. The examples offered here are just that – examples created to show you how this type of fixed compensation plan might work. A fixed liability insurance product like Health ProtectorGuard, which is underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, works differently than other insurance you may have had in the past to pay for health-related costs. Q10 Fixed liability insurance pays a fixed benefit per specified medical cost, as opposed to a share of the total costs covered after a deductible, which is an approach you may be used to. The following link will take you to the product brochure where you can learn more about whether Health ProtectorGuard`s fixed liability insurance is right for you. The fixed benefits in this compensation plan are paid independently of other insurance you have and are designed to help cover what your primary medical plan does not have.

Hector has a Health ProtectorGuard Choice Plus plan in addition to his health insurance. Q18 What would his fixed liability insurance pay in this case? How does it actually work? Looking at a few common scenarios can help you understand the benefits of this type of fixed compensation plan. Bundle fixed liability insurance with critical illness insurance or accident insuranceF21 Accident Pro Series ProductsF54 combines accident insurance with critical illness and accidental death benefits to cover some surprising medical costs. After the successful surgery, Carla spends a day in the hospital to recover and receives prescription painkillers to take home if she has any discomfort. Carla would receive a total of $12,320 in this case. When Hector pays for his services, he has some nice surprises: Carla is having dinner with a friend when the tingling of her stomach that she has felt all day gets worse. Her friend takes her to the nearest hospital and directly to the emergency room. After an initial examination, the emergency doctor orders an ultrasound to examine her abdomen. The doctor diagnoses appendicitis and Carla is prepared for surgery, in this case an open appendectomy. Hector likes to say that he is « never » sick, so it takes 4 days with worsening sore throats and persistent headaches to get him to seek help. He doesn`t have a regular doctor, so he finds the nearest emergency facility with a doctor he can see in the short term and explains how he feels. In 2015, the International Health Plans Federation found that the average cost of an appendectomy in the United States is $15,930.

However, 25% of the time, he found that it costs about $9,332 for the same procedure. F20. . . .

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